Pavel Braila – EN

The Artist

Republic of Moldova

Pavel Braila has done a great deal in his life. He began as a trained chef, during his studies (at four universities) he was one of his country’s most successful wrestlers and then finally he came to art. He has never lost his fascination for peoples day-to-day lives. His camera captures this everyday life and in this way introduces us to topics which are relevant for society.

The Work

The Moldavian riverside, captured by Pavel Brăila in two prosaically titled photographs.   ‘On the Left’ shows a wide expanse of water in the misty distance, ‘On the Right’ a narrower river between woodland and meadow. Although it appears to have been photographed at random, the idyllic landscape does have a territorial connotation. It is most certainly the Danube and Pruth, both of which define the country by marking its external borders.


Further information

artist’s portrait at Henkel Award

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