Lőrinc Borsos – EN

The artists

* 2008

Portrait Borsos Lorrinc_coatofarms
Lőrinc Borsos live and work in Budapest, Hungary. They have been working as an artist duo since 2008, consisting of Janos Borsos and Lilla Lőrinc. Both studied at the Hungarian Academy of Arts, Borsos studied graphic design, Lőrinc studied painting. Because of the fusion of various artistic sections they can be seen as multimedia-artists.

The work


„Statue of the Unknown God”
“This work refers to the whirlwind in the Book of Job; the words stand for the Creator’s eternal lament about the imperfection of His creation. The black shimmering email is the reflective coat concealing the Divine from human intellect. The black background behind the scenes, where every religion and science disappears in a sort of divine chaos.”

Lőrinc Borsos’ work has been shown in various group and single exhibitions in Hungary, Germany, India, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria. Lőrinc Borsos were invited to Residence-Stays in Austria, Slovakia and Portugal.

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