Jürgen Böhm – EN

The artist

* 1976
Nabburg, Germany

Porträt Jürgen Böhm

Jürgen Böhm lives and works in Kallmünz. After his education as wood sculptor in Garmisch-Patenkirchen he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich under Prof. Magdalena Jeletovà. His work area includes mainly installations and multimedia-art.

The work

02 JürgenBöhm_EXIL-EXIT


“From time immemorial, flight and expulsion have governed the lives of many people and peoples. My work is based on a collage of photographs from the last 120 years. They portray humans on the run, here and elsewhere. The photographs come from the most varying regions of our world. Against the background of the photocollage I have changed the wording EXIT from an emergency exit sign into EXILE.”

Böhms work was shown in single exhibitions in Regensburg, Munich, Schwäbisch-Hall and Arnberg. He also was presented in various group exhibitions in Germany. Two prizes crown his previous art, the culture advancement award of the city of Regensburg and the culture prize of the region Oberpfalz.

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