Siniša Radulović – EN

The artist

* 1983
Podgorica, Montenegro

Sinisa Radulovic Foto

Siniša Radulović studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje. He sees himself als multimedia-artist who produces video works and creates collages, always with the background of reflecting social problems.

The work

14 Sinisa Radulovic Authorised Persons only

„Authorised persons only“

“This work is satirical landscape, a sort of anti postcard. The goal is to homogenize future and the past in the same image, like the postcard that reaches its future destination and represents the past, this excessive assumption of the future will represent both sides of one country. While the progress of the post transitional countries is notable and evident in some areas, an “everlasting” progress towards unions and alliances have become nothing more than populism trend covering the presence of geopolitical and lobbying power struggle between East and West. In this interpretation, this work is both utopian and dystopian, and it is poetical comment on the future that never comes.”

In his home country Radulović is one of the acknowledged, young artists and was prized several times for his painting and his video works. Single exhibitions took place in Montenegro and Serbia and his work was shown in various group exhibitions. Siniša Radulović participated in different Artist-in-Residence-Programs in Austria, Germany and France.

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