Tanja Deman – EN

The artist

Split, Croatia

Tanja Deman Foto artist

Tanja Deman lives and works in Zagreb, where she also studied at the Academy of Fine Arts. Her favorite artistic media are photography, collages, video and art in public space, which includes urban spaces as well as landscapes.

The work

06 Tanja Deman_White Rock

„White Rock“

“Over the last hundred years the tides have carved a stable marker, a dark line in the rocky shore. While the dark line was impressed on the rock surface, our global civilisation has risen.
For us this line has been a predictable sign of the tidal range.
Recently, polar ice sheets are slowly thinning and the sea level is steadily rising due to our impact on the environment. Dark characteristic markings on the white rock might one day be submerged and remind our children of our global civilisation that was only possible due to the exploitation of carbon energy.”

Deman took part in residence programs in the US, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands and in numerous exhibitions like the covering of the Ringturm with the work „Sommerfreuden“ in 2015.

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