Alexandra Croitoru – EN

The Artist

* 1975

Croitoru is one of the leading creative artists of her generation in Rumania. Her frequently ironical and cynical photographs, installations and videos mostly have a strong political background.

The Work

Alexandra Croitoru in her strict documentary style subtly explores the current handling of the history of Rumania in the 20th century. Her pictures show the three-part war memorial for those who died in the first world war in Târgu Jiu. It was built by Constantin Brancusi at the end of the 1930’s and as her pictures show, today it is widely used for photographing wedding parties and tourists. The actual meaning of the sculptural ensemble seems to have been forgotten, whereas patriots are claiming the repatriation of this important modern sculptor, who is in the same measure closely identified with the art history of France.

Further information

artist’s portrait at Galerie PlanB

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