István Csákány -EN

The Artist

* 1978

István Csákány belongs to the discoveries of the dOCUMENTA (13) in Kassel, the world’s largest exhibition of current art. Donumenta manager Regina Hellwig-Schmid met Csákány there. His works are frequently concerned with provincialism, work and the disappearance of the working classes. They are great achievements of craftsmanship: He was working with ten carpenters until just before the opening on his dOCUMENTA – work.

The Work

István Csákány seeks to blur the line between art and daily life by developing a wooden construction which, according to context can function either as a sculpture or as a terrace. And the artist himself crosses these boundaries: he has to earn his living – not only in Hungary – by painting and decorating.

Further information

Website of the artist

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