Ivan Bazak – EN

The Artist

* 1980

A recurring theme for winners of the Henkel Prize is the use of buildings and spaces as a symbol for the starting point of social upheaval and revolution. The occupy movement would not have been possible without tents, the French Revolution was formed on the streets and city squares. In his paintings, models, photographs and videos, the artist asks the question: What is the connection between architecture and power? He studied in Düsseldorf and Kiev and today lives in Berlin and Kiev and works in various theatres as a stage designer.

The Work

Ivan Bazak’s photograph of a railway compartment which has been ravaged by customs officers searching for contraband goods shows a chaotic spacial situation. The viewer is initially unsettled and irritated; which is the top and which is the bottom? Where is the camera placed? Bazak provokes the question of the importance of commerce, lying outside state regulation, in the Ukraine, a country in the middle of societal and political upheaval.


Further information

artist’s portrait at Henkel Award

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