Magdalena Jetelová – EN

The artist

Czech Republic

Magdalena Jetelová is well-known to the inhabitants of Regensburg, chiefly because of the imposing slanting red columns in front of the Kunstforum Ostdeutsche Galerie. The installation was created in 2006, which was the year that she was awarded the Lovis Corinth Prize in Regensburg. The Czech-born artist has been living in Germany and Prague since 1985 and is professor for sculpture in Munich.

The Work

Magdalena Jetelová uses indirect ways to call for a critical approach to history. “He who is afraid of facing his own past will inevitably fear that which is to come” formulated Václav Havel, author and the first president of Czechoslovakia after the velvet revolution. Jetelová photographed this sentence, mounted on a reflective wall panel, cut away at the sides and partially superimposed a distorted image of people’s reflections – as an invitation for reflection, in more than one respect.


Further information

Website of the artist

Wikipedia article on Magdalena Jetelová

Video from an exhibition at the Kunsthalle Mannheim

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