Mladen Miljanovic – EN

The Artist

* 1981
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Miljanovic belongs to a generation which experienced the Balkan wars. He is a Henkel prize-winner and counts among the most exciting international artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina. He was an instructor in the military forces, then studied art and today teaches at the Academy of Arts in Banja Luka. His major concerns are the responsibility of art and artists in society and the ramifications of power structures on the individual and society.

The Work

„Our Thing / Cosa Nostra“: The title of the exhibition mainly refers to this performance, as on a formal level it puts the artist in the position of a subject who is in the service of the museum and acts as a liaison between society and the museum as an institution, which presents action in the context of art.

In „Our Thing / Cosa Nostra“ performance with two Yugoslavian workers now living in Vienna. Work was performed on 24.06.10 19:30 in MUMOK, Vienna. “Our Thing” is a performance where the exterior of a Zastava 101 automobile was cemented into a single form, whose lower edge will reach all the way to the floor, giving it an almost regular geometric shape. This performance was staged with two construction workers, emigrants from the former Yugoslavia living and working in Austria.

Further information

Website of the artist

YouTube chanel of Miljanovic

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