Daniel Pešta – EN

The artist

* 1959
Praha, Czech Republic

Daniel Pesta

Daniel Pešta lives and works in Prague. He studied at the Vaclav-Hollar-Kunstschule and worked during the years of totalitarianism outside of the official cultural circles. His main focus was on drawings and he worked as graphic artist. Later he started to experiment with different materials like paper, wax, leather and so on. He perceives himself as multimedia-artist.

The work

13 Daniel Pesta Gen-Y


“I have often bought family photo albums and studied the history of whole clans. Similar faces, different destinies. Above all this there is the genetic heritage, relayed like a thread from generation to generation. Each character is unique, no face is exactly the same as another and every gene is special. This perception is the basis of this work.”

Peštas work was shown i.a. in numerous single exhibitions:
GEN Y!, White Gallery, Litomyšl (2017), School, Artinbox (2017), Nocturnal Head Records, White Gallery, Litomyšl (2016), Brave new world, DOX (2015), Art Biennale, Palazzo Bembo, (Personal Structures), Venedig (2015), I was born in your bed, Litomyšl (2014), I was born in your bed, Sala del Camino, Venedig, Italien (2013), Art in catastrophe, Deutscher Bundestag, Berlin, Deutschland (2013)

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